Frequently Asked
Question:  How long have you been making electrical systems?
Answer:  We were the original developer of the modular race electrical system back in 1978.  We received a U.S. patent
for our product and a Best New Performance Product Award at SEMA.

Question:  What is the heavy cable on the Pro Stock models for?
Answer:  This is the +12 volt main power lead.

Question:  Are the Pro Stock models compatible with magneto ignition?
Answer:  Yes.  A unique feature of the ignition switch on the Pro Stock models will ground a magneto kill wire in the off
position.  Remove the ignition fuse when using this feature.

Question:  Are relays needed with the Pro Stock models?
Answer:  No.  The switches in the Pro Stock models are engineered for use in a race car environment.  The nitrous side
of 3701 models is powered off the ignition fuse.  If your nitrous an ignition current draw is less than 20 amps, relays are not
needed there either.

Question:  Do the Forever Electronics models 4000, 8000 and 12000 have a lifetime warranty?
Answer:   Yes.  These models utilize components with tested life cycles with up to one billion operations.  We are so
confident in their reliability that we offer this lifetime warranty.

Question:  What is the blue connector for on models 4000, 8000 and 12000?
Answer:  This a connection for an optional under the hood keypad model 4000F.  This keypad can be mounted under the
hood on the firewall and allows you to control the first four switches on the main panel from under the hood.

Question:  Can optional main power cable lengths be obtained?
Answer:  Yes.

Question:  Is there any connection to terminal #1 on Pro Stock Models?
Answer:  Only on units with solenoids as 3010, 3011, 3110 and 3710.

Question:  Can the Pro Stock rocker switch unit be used in 16 volt applications?
Answer:  Yes.  The only stipulation is the additional voltage will shorten lamp life for our and any other bulbs in the car.

Question:  Are the flat touch units okay to run on 16 volts?
Answer:  Yes.  There is a voltage selector jumper lead on the relay board that allows you to switch 16 volts through the
relays but keep our unit running on 12 volts not to be damaged by the over voltage.

Question: Is it possible to change the relays in your units?
Answer: All of the relays in any of our products have plug in replaceability.

Question: Why would my accessory not turn off.
If the switch panel switches are activating and the green and red lights are operating, the cause is that the relay
has failed. Unplug and replace.