Available Models
- In dash 12 switch control
12000R - Overhead 12 switch control
8000D - In dash 8 switch control
11/16 Thick front to back

LED light bars Red off-Green on.

Library of 58 race & street labels to back light over
Light Bars

Duplicate Word in White to place on Relays.

Ability to make any switch location be on/off or push
action Momentary.

Master Kill switch turning off any - none or all of the
switches at the same time for ultimate safety.

No Dash cutting units Velcro mount to dash. For new
flush mount-brackets go to

No bundle of wires coming down the roll bar.

Accepts a firewall keypad which allows you to run
the first 4 switches from under the hood.

Cable Connector retaining brackets

The only systems to carry a lifetime warranty

New -Weatherproof switch panels and relay boards
are completely sealed (they'll Float) for open cars.
For new weather tight units add
-w to the part

Easiest to install.

All relays are socket mounted for easy plug in
replacement. If a relay should fail there is no need
to replace an entire unit.
Model 12000
Model 4000
ModelS 4000F
Model 4002F Dual
8000R - Overhead 8 switch control
4000D - In dash 4 switch control
4000R - Overhead 4 switch control
Firewall keypad Velcros to the firewall, plugs into the blue connector
on your switch panel and runs the first 4 switches from under the

Part# 4000F4 - mates with Model 4000
Part# 4000F8 - mates with Model 8000
Part# 4000F12 - mates with Model 12000
Whether 4,8, or 12 switch configuration all flat touch panels have the
same features
Frosted LED Lighting
doesn't have the glare
of pilot lights and
lighted rockers
These units fuction exactly as the unit above, but have two fire
wall keypads one for the right and left.

4002F4D                     4002F8D                      40002F12D
for 4 Switch                 for 8 Switch                  for 12 Switch
What are Forever Electrics? Simply put, any of the products listed in this section come with a complete 100% warranty -
Forever! That's it - as long as you own this product we will support, replace or repair any problems. You might ask how
can we make this lifetime offer. Again simple answer, our products are manufactured utilizing a strict quality control
protocol that requires every unit we produce be throughly bench tested for quality prior to shipping. Also every unit
we manufacture is constructed utilizing the highest quality components available.  Some having an actual tested life of
one billion operations!
Model 8000
Auto Rod Controls  50 Green Street  Wrentham, MA 02093       508-384-1524
switches for on/off or
momentary and
master kill features at
end of unit.
Appearence in Darkness
with Night Glow activated
Appearence in daytime.
NEW! Black Flat Touch units
                             Available Models
- In dash 12 switch control
12001R - Overhead 12 switch control
8001D - In dash 8 switch control
8001R - Overhead 8 switch control
4001D - In dash 4 switch control
4001R - Overhead 4 switch control
These units function exactly as previously described in flat touch unit operations. The
differences being, only the switch lettering is illuminated and the front is now
equipped with night glow, automatically increasing brightness at night to maintain
readability even in total darkness. By reducing light in the car, night vision at the track
Model 4001
Model 8001
Model 12001
Switch Panel Only Shown