Both Rocker and Flat Touch
Model 12000 Complete System
Model 12001 Complete System with Black Flat Touch Panel
Model 3701
Model 12000 also appears here as well
as in the section on Flat Touch Controls
to demonstrate its unique ability to
operate in a nitrous car. It can be
configured with a stand alone nitrous
section. Switches 9, 10, 11 and 12 can
either be simple on/off switching same as
switches 1 - 8 or using the programming
switches at the right side of the unit can
be configured to have a second master
arm kill switch for your nitrous system.
To accommodate the variety of different
systems you can have as many as three
purge switches.
Model 3701 - Overhead Pro Stock
Control with Nitrous Control System
In addition to our standard PRO STOCK CONTROL, this unit includes: LIGHTED
ARM, PUMP and PURGE switching for the control of your nitrous system. The
standard ignition switch activates the nitrous controls. This control is designed to be
used in conjunction with the pump and stage relays listed below
In dash panel nitrous switches.
Functions the same as Nitrous
section in Model 3701
Model 3101
MODEL 1402 - This unit features plug in fuse and 40 Amp relay
along with an adjustable .1 sec to 1.0 sec time delay in .1 sec
increments. It enables you to minimize engine and driveline
damage while improving driveability.


Time delay a stage activated by a shifter switch until after
driveline loading peaks, the clutch locks up and or the tires hook

Activate 2 stages by the same switch, delaying the 2nd stage to
lessen motor and driveline stresses and improve traction.
Time Delay Relay
Relay Models 1401    - 1 through 5
Relay Model 1402
These modules are typically used for pump, purge or stage
solenoid operations. They feature plug in replaceable fuse and 40
Amp relay and can be operated by switching 12V or ground.
Available in one through 5 position units (1401-4 - Four position
relay pictured). Each relay position occupies a 2 X 2 inch space.
Relay Modules 1401
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