In 1978 ARC saw a need and developed the first race car electrical control. We weren't satisfied with
connecting the dots: 12 volts to a fuse, a wire to a switch, a wire to the accessory which was 1930's technology.
The result was such an advancement in car electrics it was granted the first US Patent for its utilization of high
current printed circuitry in automotive power distribution. Later it received "
Best New Performance product
at SEMA 1982

ARC Developed the first:


We continue to lead in electrical system innovation. We pride ourselves in our unique first time product designs
providing wiring innovations to meet racers needs.
Modular Race car electric system

The first Nitrous time delay

Digital display trans Brake time delay

Flat Touch Control Panels
Credit Card Ignition Control

Nitrous Electrical Control panel

High current printed circuit fusing and
relay switching modules
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