PWM - 1612
Lowers battery voltage from 16-12 to
protect your accessory and lessen
battery drain. It has a 25 amp capacity.
Adjustable Voltage Reducer - Part # PWMA
Voltage Reducer Part # - PWM 1612

This unit has adjustable battery voltage
output in a range from input voltage to zero. It
has a 25 amp capacity.
Voltage Reducers
Rollbar Setback
2" Setback Bracket
1" Setback Bracket
In dash unit shown mounted to
Rollbar Setback Bracket

RS4-1 - for a 4 Switch unit with 1" setback
RS4-2 - for a 4 Switch unit with 2" setback
RS8-1 - for a 8 switch unit with a 1" setback
When laying out the drivers cockpit if you decide the roll bar mounting needs to be closer to
the driver, purchase the Flat Touch dash mount unit and install with the appropiate Roll Bar
Setback Brackets. The brackets are made out of .050 CRS and can be tack welded to the
rollbar and painted.
RS8-2 - for a 8 Switch unit with a 2" setback
RS12-1 - for a12 Switch unit with a 1" setback
RS12-2 - for a12 Switch unit with a  2" setback

Flush Mount Dash Brackets
Flush Mount In Dash Brackets
These brackets allow you to flush mount your ARC flat touch in
dash units from the rear of the dash. They will require a cutout
the size of the face of the unit. The unit will mount the switch
panel 1/16 of an inch forward of the dash face.

12FM - for a 12 switch unit
8FM - for an 8 switch unit
4FM - for an 4 switch unit
Replacement Power Cables
PC1 - for Pro Stock Controls
PC2 - for Flat Touch Controls
Switches - Pro Stock Control Module.
2120 - SPST (Off) (Monentary On) 20 Amp    Starter
2130 - SPST (On) & SPST (Off) (On) Red Lighted 20 Amp -
    Ignition & Fuel
2140 - SPST (On) (Off) (Momentary On) 20 Amp - Fuel Pump
2150 - SPST (Off) (On) & SPDT (On) (Off) (On) -
    Fan & Water Pump
2160 - DPDT (Off) (Circuit 1 On) (Circuit 1 & 2 On) 20 Amp  
     Progressive Action  - Lighting
Pro Stock Harness Part #3120
This harness consists of an 18 foot eleven
cable assembly. All wiring is 14 gauge
color coded oil and gas resistant. The
harness is tie wrapped every six inches,
and trunks are arranged to minimize wiring
effort. An accessory kit of additional tie
wraps, dual insulated male and female
plug ends and mounting kit is included.

Flush Mount Dash Brackets
Ribbon Cables Part # RIBBON
RIBBON - For switch section to relay
board connections

RIBBON F - For Firewall Keypad to  
switch unit connection.
Replacement Switches for Power
For models PS6 & PS8
PSST - Starter Switch
PSSW - All On/Off Switches
GUTS - Complete internal circuit board,
fuse, switch assembly. Swaps out
in minutes.
Replacement Switch Assembly for
Pro Stock Controls

Fits into ATO fuse holders. Pop up push button
manual reset. Circuit breakers will allow start up
current surges to be absorbed without tripping.

1520 - 5    -   5 Amp
1520 - 10  - 10 Amp
1520 - 15  - 15 Amp
1520 - 20  - 20 Amp
1520 - 25  - 25 Amp
1520 - 30  - 30 Amp
Plug in Circuit Breaker
Both units have an internal remote reset 25 Amp circuit breaker
Unit only rises 45 degrees above ambient temperature
Auto Rod Controls  50 Green Street  Wrentham, MA 02093       508-384-1524
Rollbar Brackets
These brackets allow you to convert your
in dash flat touch units to roll bar mounts.

RB1 - For 8 and 12 switch units
RB2 - For 4 switch units
Custom Label Set Part #LB1