These relay controls are set up to
operate from 12 volt switch outputs. The
purpose is to provide twice the current
carrying capability of toggle or rocker
switches and to provide the appropriate  
fusing and plug in replaceable 40 AMP
relays all linked to one #6 main power
cable input for simplicity of installation.
Unit is mounted to an aluminum base
plate which mounts with four screws.
Units come with 56 word label sheets to
cover any function. The labels are
printed white on clear and adhere to the
top of the relays.
Model RC12
Model RC8
Model RC4
RC-12 Dimensions 9"L X 4 7/8" W X 2 1/4" H
RC- 8  Dimensions 6"L X 4 7/8" W X 2 1/4" H
RC-4 Dimensions 4"L X 4 7/8" W X 2 1/4" H
Tech Info 12V batteries vs 16V batteries

When using accessories designed for 12V with 16V battery, your battery will drain faster than a
12V battery. If accessory draws 15AMP at 12V it will draw 25%-30% more current on a 16V
(because it's over driven). This extra 4 AMP draw multiplied by the new battery voltage of 16
results in about 125 watts of additional power being lost from the battery by generating heat
inside the accessory. The heat then turns around and causes premature failure in solenoids,
relays, motors and lights. So if at the end of a run it seems your battery is more drained than you
expected it's because of the wasted energy when driving a 12 volt accessory. Which is why
battery recharging takes longer.
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