Pro Stock Controls
Overhead and Dash units have the same

1) Starter Switch
Recessed to prevent accidental striking, It is mounted
nearest the driver and next to the ignition switch for ease
of operation.

2) Ignition Switch
This switch interlocks to the fuel pump controls shutting
the pumps off when ignition is killed. The switch is lighted
red when on to aid in night racing.

3) Fuel pump switches
Off in the center position, on - in the up position. They
are safety interlocked with the ignition switch. The down
position is a spring return marked "test" which bypasses
the ignition interlock for the purposes of filling the
carburetors, setting pressure regulators and float levels
or individually checking pump outputs. Dual switching
also allows the use of only one pump in the non race
running conditions saving the batteries. The 2nd switch
can also be used for any other function.

4) Cooling Switch
Designed to operate an electric water pump in the "low
cool" position and both an electric water pump and
electric radiator fan in the high position.

5) Lamps
To allow the gauges and/or headlights to be lighted only
when needed extending the bulb life. Units have a three
position lamp switch: off - down, Middle gauges only and
up for gauges and headlights

Both in dash and overhead units hinge out for easy
access to fuses. It also contains two spare fuses
Power Sticks
Switch Orientation from left to

1) Starter Switch

2) Ignition Switch

3) Fuel Pump Switch

4) Second fuel pump or auxiliary switch. By
selecting one of two different fuse insertion
locations this switch will either draw its
power directly from 12V or through the
ignition switch.

5) An auxiliary switch for any function.

6) An auxiliary switch which also activates
the night glow* feature
in the unit.  Although intended for the
operation of dash and tail
lights it may be used for any function. PS8
units have two additional axillary switches.
The night glow switch is #8 on the PS8

By activating the night glow function it is
possible to read the switch labels and find
the switch easily in the dark even when
they are turned off.

Units are furnished with wiring.
Model 3700 & Model 3710 Overhead Unit (shown)
Model 3100 & Model 3110 In dash unit (Shown)
Model PS6
Model PS8
Models 3700 & 3100 when
supplied with Dual Purpose
Solenoid which allows the unit
to shut off all accessories while
cranking will become model
numbers 3710 & 3110
Pro Stock Controls
Power Stick Controls
Dual Purpose Solenoid Model 3300
Auto Rod Controls  50 Green Street  Wrentham, MA 02093       508-384-1524
Power Sticks got their name from the
fact that their cross section area is so
small that your thumb and fore finger
will touch when your hand wraps
around the unit.