Frequently Asked Questions / Tech

Yes, they are, however the lighted switches will have a reduced life expectancy due to the increased voltage of a 16V battery.

Yes, there is a jumper on the relay board to select 12V/16V operation that must be moved to the 16V position for use with 16V batteries.

This is due to either a weak battery or the 12V/16V jumper in the wrong setting.   Check that the 12V/16Vjumper (two jumpers on 12 switch panels) is in the correct position and make sure the battery is fully charged. Note that a weak battery can still read the correct voltage with no load applied.  However when a heavy load is applied the voltage will sag markedly.  The best way to test a battery is with a load tester.

This can be caused by a very weak battery, the 12V/16V jumper in the wrong setting or a damaged relay board due to the ribbon cable shorting out.  If the ribbon cable insulation becomes damaged and the copper conductor inside shorts to ground, a circuit trace on the relay board will fuse out.  If this trace fuses out then the switch panel will light up red but will not operate.  To check the relay board for damage, remove the mounting plate on the bottom of the relay board and check for a burnt circuit foil.  If it is found to be damaged, it can be sent to us for repair, however the ribbon cable should also be sent in for inspection.  This issue is frequently caused by using wire ties to secure the ribbon cable.  We do not recommend using wire ties with the ribbon because over time the sharp corners of the tie can saw through the insulation of the cable due to the vibration of the car.  Please only use the supplied flat clips with adhesive back and the velcro straps to secure the ribbon.  Additional velcro ribbon straps can be purchased HERE

First check to make sure that terminal #4 is connected to a good Ground.  Terminal #4 is the Ground for the light in the ignition switch and the light will not work if this terminal is not grounded.  If the light still does not work, the switch will have to be replaced to restore the lamp operation.  Replacement switches are available CLICK HERE

Make sure the ground terminal on the relay board marked “GND” is connected to a good chassis ground (please note 12 switch panels have two GND terminals).  Also check that the ribbon cable is plugged into the relay board correctly; it is possible to plug the ribbon cable in off center to the left or right with two pins hanging off the connector.  Unplug the ribbon cable and plug it back in making sure that the pins are centered in the connector.

Yes, If it is desired to output ground from a relay this can be accomplished by doing the following: remove the fuse for the relay you wish to output ground from.  This will leave you with two female ¼” terminals where the fuse was. Now insert a grounded wire into the fuse clip furthest from the center of the board. Now, when this relay is turned on it will output ground instead of battery +.

All flat touch systems in current production feature a lifetime warranty.  This warranty covers any defects in manufacturing.  This warranty does not cover customer damage due to abuse, or modifications of the components.  Modifications to any parts of the switch panel, relay board and/or associated components will void the lifetime warranty.  Please call us for details regarding any warranty claims.

Rocker switch systems have a 30 day warranty.

On 12V cars any switch can be used for the Starter by flipping the corresponding programming dip switch to the momentary position.  However on 16V cars switch #1 should only be used for the starter or other momentary operations such as purge.  16V cars should not use switch #1 as a regular on/off switch.  

The flat touch switch panels are designed to be used in a race car with a master disconnect switch.  The switch panel will be lit up and functional whenever the battery disconnect switch is on.  If it is desired to shut the switch panel off separately without shutting the master disconnect switch off, do the following:  Remove the jumper from the 12V/16v jumper terminal and discard.  Place a switched 18 gauge 12V wire from a factory key switch, toggle switch, etc… into the terminal marked “12V” (use the terminal marked 16V on 16V cars).  When this switched wire is energized the switch panel will light up and function as normal.  When power is turned off to this wire the switch panel lights will go out and the panel will not be functional.  This switched wire should be protected with a 5 Amp fuse for safety.  Please note that switch #1 should be used for the starter or another momentary function if it is wired this way.

Click HERE  to see a video explaining this procedure.

Yes, the relays on all flat touch control systems are rated for 40 Amps. If changing the fuse from the supplied 30 Amp to a 40 Amp fuse it is recommended that the wire size to your component be changed to a 12 Gauge wire.