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Model 3000 Low Oil Pressure Control

This is a standalone system that will work in any car.

This new system allows starting the engine by temporarily bypassing the low oil pressure shutdown feature. When the engine starts it monitors the required low oil pressure. It waits and if minimum oil pressure is not reached safely it will shut the engine off. If the pressure is correct the engine will continue to run through the oil pressure switch closure. This overrides the ignition switch on power, enabling it to shut the engine off with the ignition switch still on. The ignition switch simultaneously also retains the ability to shut the engine off. With this control the oil pressure switch never switches any high currents which assures its longevity while still maintaining a 40 amp capacity ignition circuit.

Our units manual override switch is provided to bypass and/or test the engine oil pressure switch. By automatically monitoring the startup oil pressure rise, it makes it unnecessary to crank the motor excessively with the ignition off in an attempt to obtain enough oil pressure to close the switch and allow the car to start. This procedure only drains the battery, overheats the starter and tends to flood the motor and wash the rings.

This unit works with any two pin normally open contact oil pressure switch.