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8 Switch Control Module with Backlit Full System Kill Switch

Available with additional fuse/relay sections controlled by grounding inputs from your ECU/EFI systems. 

This new Pro Mod style system can be used in all types of cars. This system addresses specific needs of pro mod racers! The two major innovations in this unit are the Translucent Red Lighted system kill switch and the ability to maintain separation between the car’s 12 or 16 volt battery and the 24 volt start battery. The kill switch is 1-5/8” in diameter and only requires 1/32” travel to activate and automatically resets.

This is the first system that allows the car to use a 24-volt external starter battery with NO wiring alterations. Other systems require an external relay be added to separate the 24-volt battery from the 12 or 16 volt side of the car. Without this the 24-volt battery source will back feed through the car potentially damaging components or at the very least blow fuses or burn up relays. Our design separates the 12 and 24 volt side permanently, so they can never couple together.

These are complete systems that include a switch panel, relay board, and wiring harness.

Available in roll bar or dash mount versions and available with switch panels in four different finishes (white, black, carbon fiber white faceplate, carbon fiber black faceplate).

  • 11/16” Thick front to back
  • LED light bars Red off – Green on
  • Library of 58 race & street labels to back light over light bars
  • Duplicate words in white to place on relays
  • Ability to make any switch location be on/off or push action momentary
  • Master kill switch turning off any – none or all of the switches at the same time for ultimate safety
  • No dash cutting, units Velcro mount to dash. For new flush mount brackets go to accessories
  • No bundle of wires coming down the roll bar
  • Accepts a firewall keypad which allows you to run the first 4 switches from under the hood
  • Cable connector retaining brackets
  • The only systems to carry a lifetime warranty
  • Each unit ships with a wiring harness, label kit, and connector kit

Optional Oil Pressure Shutdown Features:

This new system allows starting the engine by temporarily bypassing the oil pressure shutdown feature. When the engine starts it monitors the required low oil pressure. It waits and if minimum oil pressure is not reached safely it will shut engine off. If the pressure is correct the engine will continue to run through the oil pressure switch closure. This overrides the ignition switch on power enabling it to shut the engine off with the ignition switch still on. The ignition switch simultaneously also retains the ability to shut the engine off. With this control the oil pressure switch never switches any high currents which assures its longevity while still maintaining a 40 amp capacity ignition circuit.

Our units manual override switch is provided to bypass and/or test the engine oil pressure switch. By automatically monitoring the startup oil pressure rise it is unnecessary to crank the motor excessively with the ignition off in an attempt to obtain enough oil pressure to close the switch and allow the car to start. This procedure only drains the battery, overheats the starter and tends to flood the motor and wash the rings.

The unit works with any two pin normally open contact oil pressure switch.

ECU/Nitrous Banking Relays:

This system is designed specifically for Nitrous Pro Mods using EFI.

These relays can be triggered by the timer functions in almost any ECU. This will allow you to use the ECU to time all of your Nitrous Stages. You can run 1-6 Straight Kits or bank all 6. If you do not bank you can use the remaining relays for any function you choose.


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