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The ARC-6001Z is our latest Control Module. This system is the last system designed by John Zizza before his passing. This system is packed with new features that make it stand head and shoulders above any other system on the market!

This system is designed for both Open Cockpit and Door Cars. This unit is no larger that our 8000 systems but incorporates the Kill switch. This is accomplished through ARC’s exclusive dual function Flat Touch switches. One switch controls the Water Pump and Fan. Hit the switch once, it turns on the Water Pump, hit it again to turn the Fan on as well. Both are on individual relays and fuses for protection.

The dual function switch is also used for the Tail Light Circuit. One hit turns on Tail Light, a second hit shuts off Tail Lights and turns on Interior Lighst built into the case. See below for a complete list of 6001Z features.

Features Include:
– 40 AMP Replaceable Relays
– Separate Fuses for Each Circuit
– Super Bright LED for Open Cockpit Cars
– 6 Second Computer Shutoff Delay
– Dedicated Computer Circuit
– Automatic Low Oil Pressure Shutdown
– Built in Neutral Safety Circuit
– Built in Bump Start Button Circuit
– Built in LED Interior Lights
– Output LED’s for Every Circuit on the Relay Board
– Extra Ground Activated Relay for Any Use
– Printed & Colored Wire for Every Circuit
– 1-5/8” Diameter Backlit Kill Button for Ultimate Safety
– 2 Auxiliary Fused Power Takeoffs
– Most Compact Requiring Less Space Than any Other System
– Available in Panel Mount or Roll bar Mount
– ARC Reliability & LIFETIME Warranty
– Labeled and Colored Wire for Every Circuit
– Switch Panel Measures 8-3/4” L x 3-1/4” W x 1” H
– Relay Board Measures 7-3/4” L x 4-1/8” W x 2-1/4” H


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