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Overhead and Dash units have the same functions

Starter Switch – Recessed to prevent accidental striking. It is mounted nearest the driver and next to the ignition switch for ease of operation.

Ignition Switch – This switch interlocks to the fuel pump controls shutting the pumps off when ignition is killed. The switch is lighted red when on to aid in night racing. PRO STOCK CONTROLS Overhead and Dash units have the same functions Internal Fuse and Connector Layout

Fuel Pump Switches – Off in the center position, on in the up position. They are safety interlocked with the ignition switch. The down position is a spring return marked “test” which bypasses the ignition interlock for the purposes of filling the carburetors, setting pressure regulators, and float levels or individually checking pump outputs. Dual switching also allows the use of only one pump in the non-race running conditions saving the batteries. The 2nd switch can also be used for any other function.

Cooling Switch – Designed to operate an electric water pump in the “low cool” position and both an electric water pump and electric radiator fan in the “high cool” position.

Lamps – To allow the gauges and/or headlights to be lighted only when needed extending the bulb life. Units have a threeposition lamp switch: off-down, middle-gauges only, and up for gauges and headlights.