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8 Switch Control Module with extra switch and wiring harness

Power Sticks got their name from the fact that their cross section area is so small that your thumb and for finger will touch when your hand wraps around the unit.

Power Sticks Switch Orientation from left to right:

  • Starter Switch
  • Ignition Switch
  • Fuel Pump Switch
  • Second Fuel Pump or Accessory Switch.  By selecting one of two different fuse insertion locations this switch will either draw its power directly from 12V or through the ignition switch
  • An accessory switch for any function
  • An accessory switch which also activates the “night glow” feature in the unit. Although intended for the operation of dash and taillights it may be used for any function. Te PS8 has two additional accessory switches
  • Units are furnished with wiring
  • Mounts to dash or roll bar
  • Comes with spare switch. Unique split case design makes switch replacement possible in 2-3 minutes
  • Easiest to install